Friday 8th – Sunday 10th July

Drivers make as many as 34 gearshifts per lap at Silverstone, with an estimated two-thirds of the lap spent at basically full throttle.

From its humble beginnings as a World War II Royal Air Force bomber station, Silverstone has evolved into a major race track, home to one of the oldest and most crucial races in the F1 calendar. Fernando Alonso currently holds the title for fastest race lap with the remarkable time of 1:30.874 with an average speed of 145.269mph. Such statistics exhibit the exhilarating nature of the sport, which can only be fully appreciated whilst watching the drivers wrestle for pole position on the track.

British Grand Prix | StaaG Journal

Dress code

For the majority of spectators no dress code applies, however there is often a fair amount of walking involved, travelling around the circuit and grounds, bear this in mind when selecting footwear. Hospitality areas have basic dress codes, smart casual is the universal message, polo shirts and smart shirts with trousers are recommended for men. Avoid sportswear, light wash jeans and trainers in hospitality areas.

Who goes

With areas like the E-Zone providing a range of activities aimed at families, as well as more opulent backdrops for the day such as The Brooklands Restaurant, the event is incredibly inclusive and prides itself on appealing to all ages. The result is a mixture of corporate functions, families and F1 enthusiasts alike descending on Silverstone to enjoy the racing.

What to do

The assortment of hospitality packages and entertainment offered at Silverstone is staggering in its range and inclusivity. The Brooklands Restaurant offers the height of luxury; with panoramic views and award-winning food make it an exclusive and memorable venue for the day. Alternatively the F1 village is a great chance to soak up the race-day ambience and meet like-minded people, merchandise and activities are also available. Food and Drink vendors are distributed throughout the village as well, catering for all tastes and budgets.


To conclude the weekend Silverstone throws a customary after party. With live music, food and drink the atmosphere is reminiscent of a festival, and with a line-up to match it’s a great way to end the weekend.