Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th September

Salon Privé came about when two brothers, Andrew and David Bagley, decided to combine their enthusiasm for supercars with an English garden party setting. So Salon Prive was born! It became a unique chance for members of the public to experience luxury car manufacturer’s latest models, in a beautiful and sophisticated setting.

The show launches at The Hurlingham Club in London in 2006, its success has led to it becoming a firm fixture on social and motor-sports calendars all around the world. Noe a world-renowned event, it takes place at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. The historic setting is an apt place for the show to take place as guests marvel at the gardens, palace, and cars, in a day which promises to be beautiful.

In recent years the event has become a by-word for glamour, with the garden party ethos extending to clothing and hospitality. More than just a car show, it is a chance for people from all over the world to relax and admire the artistry of the latest models, and idyllic setting.

Salon Prive | StaaG Journal

Dress code

The glamour and setting of the event dictate a dress code which is both considered but also comfortable. Use the garden party idea as the springboard for choosing your outfit, loose flowing cuts are preferred by ladies, whilst sunglasses, open necked shirts and blazers are usually the uniform of choice for men. Ladies Day is of course about all-out glamour, hats, headpieces, and fascinators will be out in force!

Who goes

Exhibitors and enthusiasts come from all over the world to enjoy like-minded individuals and beautiful cars. Amongst them are those who admire the beauty of Blenheim Palace, the luxury of the hospitality provided, and the opportunity to dress up and socialise. Luxury and automobiles combine to create an eclectic but well suited crowd.

What to do

If it’s possible to tire of the super cars on display there are a whole host of activities to entertain. As well as tours of the palace and gardens, there are plenty of hospitality venues to enjoy socialising from. Offering lobster luncheons and champagne throughout the day, it really is the perfect opportunity to relax and socialise amidst the stunning setting.


Afternoon tea is served at 4pm and is enjoyed by everyone at the show. Afterwards many guests make their way towards the bars which serve champagne, spirits and cocktails. For those with hospitality packages, they may find the complimentary bar filling up quite quickly after afternoon tea is served.