Commended, One Shot, One Moment
Travel Photographer of the Year 2014

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An avid, hobbyist photographer, I enjoyed shooting in the ever changing available lights and strived in my deepest sense to understand what it takes to create an awe-inspiring nature landscape images. While travelling, I have also enjoyed many moments with fond memories capturing the essence of my journey including the place, people and culture in search of beautiful scenes. Back home, I have good chances shooting city landscape, street shots as well as festivities of our lovely garden city.

1. Where are you from?


2. What first got you into photography and how old were you?

I bought my first DSLR on the last day of 2006 and started my photography since January 2007. I was 39 years old then.

3. How do you look to approach and capture your next best shot?

Always looking out for the lights, composition and moments including the nature, place, people and culture to create an engaging picture.

4. What has being involved with Travel Photographer of the Year done for your photography career?

Being a hobbyist photographer, I continued to travel to exotic destinations to explore and uncover the beauty of nature and culture. These places include the stunning landscape of Iceland with a fascinating mix of nature and wilderness with magical northern lights in the night sky, the breathtaking views of Tibet with sacred mountains and lakes, fabulous monasteries of well-preserved Tibetan architecture and cultural heritage, as well as the recently concluded Dolomites in northeastern Italy, the remarkable rocky mountain range with simply dynamic and dramatic clouds and fast changing lights.

5. Tell us the story of your profiled picture

The look-alike natural waterfall is indeed a dam on a river in Bali. The locals bathe and wash their clothes here almost daily, whilst the kids enjoyed themselves so much that it was as if their private nature playground.

Many have captured this scene umpteen times with a fast shutter. I have seen some with longer exposure and decided that I would give it a try. A slower shutter was used to capture the arcs of water flowing from their buckets so as to convey motion, semi-freeze action, isolate subjects and smooth water while overall creating a dreamy effect.

Ming Ong | StaaG Journal interview
Washing clothes, Bali | © Ming Ong. You can buy this print online here.

6. Where is your favourite place you have visited, and why?

Iceland has been my favorites for its stunning landscape with a fascinating mix of nature and wilderness with magical northern lights in the night sky!

7. Tell us a fascinating fact or story from your travels

Years back when I just started my photography journey, I once was so engrossed photographing sunset at a beach in Malaysia’s Langkawi, that when the last light was down and I turned back, it was totally pitch dark! I couldn’t see where my local taxi guide was and I only have the weak light from my then non-smartphone. I was struggling in the dark trying to figure out the ‘exit’ path and in the midst of my panic, I saw lights blinking afar! I was relieved and thankful that the taxi guide waited for me! This experience awaken my sense of safety and I told myself not to risk any during my course of getting the best shots as there’s always chances to go back for more shorts in the future!

8. What piece of advice would you give someone starting out on their photography ‘career’, say in the New Talent award?

Understand the basic of photography well and what it takes to get an engaging picture. Practise more and train your eyes of seeing. Expose yourself to the professionals’ photography works online, seeing and learning from the experts of their successful works. Be humble and get critiques of your photography works. Tickle your mind too every time when you looked at others work, asking yourself what works and what not works for you.  Importantly, continued to strive to improve and make a difference every time you are out in the field.

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